Saturday, July 17, 2010

Study after Jean-Honore Fragonard: "The Reader"

Part of the daily sketch deal I have made with myself is that I will put in at least a few minutes every day, no matter what, on some sort of art related project and then post the results. Today was full of busy family, shopping and running errands. I was interrupted several times while doing this and this is only as far as I got today. My goal is to make a rough copy of Fragonard's "the Reader" and then do what I did after copying N.C. Wyeth's painting a few days ago. So first, I'll copy this masterpiece. Then the next day following that I will sit down cold and copy it again out of my memory without looking at the original reference print. Then the day following that I will make another painting using the same color scheme and abstract layout/compostion but make it with original object shapes.
I've found that actually sketching out a copy of a painting like this creates a more powerful memory of that painting in my mind than simply looking at the reproduction and trying to remember it for later.
I tend to remember details like in this case, the model's head is very close to horizontal center but a tad bit to the left of center. There are two almost equal width shapes in the space to the right of the head. And... there is a tangent that I, myself, would have tried to avoid if I had been the original author of this painting. - The corner of the room line behind the girl's head lines up almost perfectly with the tip of the pillow sticking up behind her. I wonder if Fragonard did this intentionally or if he was even conscious of it.

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