Friday, July 16, 2010

"The Sentry"

For the past few days I've been studying a painting by N.C. Wyeth. Today, for my sketch of the day, I copied the color scheme and the basic composition of shapes and I tried to apply that to my own illustration. Instead of the dark blue shape in the background being the ocean, I tried to make it into a rain forest far far below the foreground. Instead of a sandy beach in the foreground, I took that light blue / grey shape and turned that into a stone outcropping or maybe the top of a very tall tower. Instead of the beach grass clump on the camera left side of the picture I put a pile of decaying bones and I placed a character of my own making in place of Wyeth's figure of Crusoe in the right foreground. To see Wyeth's orig illustration simply scroll down to yesterday's blog entry. I spent my usual 1 hr. on this. Tomorrow I plan to do the same thing I have done for the past few days, but do it to a different painting by a different artist. Again, it will be a compostion that I feel is a good one.

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