Sunday, July 18, 2010

Study after Fragonard's "the Reader"-day 2

At first I started this thinking that this painting was about compositon. After spending some time copying it, I am realizing that this painting is ALL about color and light. This is a truely amazing painting! All the reflected colors bounce up from the model's bright clothing and material in very complex and beautiful ways. I never gave Fragonard much thought before. But now, I have a new respect & admiration for this painter. This isn't as easy as caricaturing is for me. I'm pushing myself when I work on this. I've been trying to match the colors by eye, not by eye dropper in photoshop. And that causes me to paint slower. There are some drawing mistakes in the copy, I know. And sometimes I get impatient mixing just the right color and I start to cross hatch or scumble colors on top of each other to get the desired value/chroma I'm looking for.

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