Saturday, August 6, 2011

Portrait of Rembrandt (after two of his own self portraits)

Originally I had just intended this to be a quick half hour sketch, but I got carried away and forgot the clock. Yesterday I had been viewing many different Rembrandt paintings, examining his brush strokes. I simply got pumped up. It is so exiting to see the work of a really good painter close up! It makes me want to paint. This is digital. I think it took a bit over 2 hours. I wasn't checking the clock. All I know is that it went over an hour and crashed my video capture software so I don't have a video of this being sketched unfortunately.

The lower diagram is to illustrate that Rembrandt composed both his self portraits in very dynamic angles compared to my boring copy. He tilted the heads and it makes them both much more interesting to look at. A small lesson from the master. :-)

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