Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aug29th -Hawthorn Bridge - Gouache sketch

Monday, Aug29th 2011: This morning I got up early and went out to the Willamette River near OMSI and the Hawthorn Bridge and took about 400 photos between 5:10am and 7:00am. It was fun watching the sun come up but ... the magic golden moment where the sun hits the skyline and illuminates the buildings never happened. It was overcast and cloudy that morning. Oh well... I'll try it another day soon. For my daily sketch I made a rather bizarre little gouache painting with which I tried to recreate that magic moment as I remember seeing it a few times in the past. I think I will be able to paint a much more convincing and realistic painting if I can carefully observe the morning light longer than I have been able to in the past. Just on this morning it wasn't in the cards.

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