Saturday, May 8, 2010

Caricature of Gian Quasar

Today's caricature is Gian Quasar, a Facebook friend. Gian is a published author on subjects such as the Bermuda Triangle, UFO's, and big foot. He is sometimes asked to comment in documentaries and tv shows about those subjects. After doing some preliminary sketches I decided I wanted to work an element like a big foot or an alien into the reflections of his sunglasses. I had images of him that had short hair and long hair so I wasn't sure which hair style he is currently wearing. I chose first to do a short haired version, then I was informed that Gian has long hair. So I added longer hair and turned this into two finished caricatures. I use a wacom bamboo digital table and photoshop 7 to make my drawings. The whole process took about 50 minutes.

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