Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Working" Kirk Reeves

Kirk Reeves is a street performer and a cable tv personality in Portland, Oregon. I adore this crazy man. He spends hours playing his trumpet outside on a curb near the on ramp to the Hawthorn Bridge in Porland. This guy has made me smile on some of my darkest days. :-) This sketch took about 30 minutes to draw but the speedpainting movie is only about 3 minutes.

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  1. While he was making you smile he was probably doing something horrible to someone who unknowingly took him in.

    This man makes at least a portion of his money by extorting the unfortunate roomies that take him in. It happened to us and the last place he lived before us, at the very least. If you ever rent a room to kirk.... better yet, just don't. Check the public records. Don't take my word. See what he does to people. Especially when he hits the jackpot of people who are too old or sick to show up in court to defend themselves.

    A Darker side to Kirk Reeves:

    Ask him sometimes how many times he moved into a house as a room mate, and then wouldn't leave even when asked and given unlimited time and help to move. Ask him why he would do such a thing and then even stoop to suing the poor people who took him in. Even calling them horrible names in a "civil rights" suit? Even trying to take everything they own--even though they were too poor to own much of anything.

    Ask him how long those people had to delay critical medical treatment because of this kind of misuse of the court system.

    Ask him how much of his "working Kirk" income is really "scamming Kirk" "thieving Kirk" or "Extorting Kirk" income.

    Don't take my word for it. Just ask him. Look up the public records maybe. See what he says. See what he did to us and probably to many others.