Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sheyenne Wiggins

Today I felt like painting a portrait more than a caricature. My subject is a fellow artist and portrait painter from Oregon that I met through a speed paint group on facebook. She has an expressive face that would make a wonderful caricature but she's also a very beautiful lady. I forced myself to stop after I went a few minutes past 1 hr. Then after looking at the portrait and comparing it to her photographs I realized I had gotten the angle of her chin and her camera left eye wrong so I started up again with a new speedpaint movie and adjusted those. Fortunately I'm getting better at making these speed paint movies and the jump is practically seamless.. I give it away by signing my name... then you find I'm not done but still working on the painting. When you zoom in on the original piece, it is very rough and "painterly". In this piece I used a cheap wacom bamboo graphics tablet and photoshop 7.

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