Monday, January 16, 2012

Sour Note

A quick digital sketch this evening: I usually go to my reference files to find an interesting face/expression/subject to sketch when I'm at a loss for something to tackle for my daily sketch exercise.

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  1. Mr Prefect! (SL Name) I am literally speechless. I feel the need to send the URL to your blog to anyone I know in SL because all these years I have worked with you, you have always compliment my work and other texture artists work and whilst I recognised the talent in your own textures had I known you were capable of creating THIS level of talent I would have been humbled and practically kissing your virtual tootsies (toes in case your worried)

    You are a God in my eyes now... how modest are you????

    Not to mention or upload one of your art pieces to show me...

    I am now in total awe of you :)

    Liz (LillyBeth SL)