Sunday, October 16, 2011

Airport Stranded

Funny story behind this sketch: I usually never find myself in a position to paint plein air with a Wacom tablet. But today at about the time we were supposed to board our flight from San Jose to Portland, they announced that there were serious mechanical problems with our airplane and people were rushing to try to get onto other flights- my wife included. I chose to plunk my ass down on the floor and start sketching the crowd of people trying to find other flights out. After I got about 15 minutes into this sketch I heard my name being announced for final call on another flight and my wife and daughter were no where to be found, so I jumped up, threw all my electronics into my bags and went tearing off down the terminal to another gate. I barely made it. hehe. But somehow Myla got us on another direct flight to Portland. -Happy ending. I'm home now.

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