Monday, September 26, 2011

David Suchet

Today's sketch was a quick wash with gouache of actor David Suchet. It is challenging for me to switch to non digital sketches because I had grown used to being able to make last minute adjustments to make a better image or likeness. It is very easy to move an ear or change the shape of the head even after you have finished the major part of the sketch in digital. But in watercolor or gouache wash drawings, once you lay the paint down, it is there. You can cover it with white gouache but that is messy. So watercolor artists really get good at making a good solid drawing first thing or else they get better at sketching with the brush. I like to just dive in and not use a pencil very much. I like the process of painting with a brush more than cross hatching or drawing with a pencil. In the 30 years or more I've been a professional artist, I have started many drawing sketch books but always I have abandoned them after a few sketches. My goal with this new series of sketches on Facebook is to fill sketchbooks with sketches. This little sketchbook has about 200 pages.

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