Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rat Pirate Swordplay-001

Today I'm putting up imperfect work, warts and all.  This is the first stab (pardon the pun) at a composition of two characters in the rat pirate universe having at it with swords.  I wanted the smaller mouse-like character to be cool and have a classical fencing form.  And I wanted the bigger rat pirate character to be more awkward and clumsy... maybe tripping over a barrel or backing back into a mast pole.  There are some tangents where hands line up with tails in confusing ways that I want to correct.  Also I need to get some better drawing pens.  All I had this morning was a big sharpie and a smaller drafting pen.

I want to buy Mark McDonnell's book, "The Art and Feel of Making It Real".  I've budgeted it to buy next month. It costs around 40 dollars but I feel it will be worth the price.  I think I could benefit from reading it.

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